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Bird Watching and Hamsphere


I am back after a rollicking Carnival in Goa. It was fun all the way. I also did a little bit of Bird watching during those 4  days.  In this blog, I will try to bring out the parallels which I find between Bird watching and Hamsphere. 

In Bird watching I use a pair of binoculars or maybe a spotting scope. Hamsphere can be enjoyed with a computer connected to the internet and the software from

Bird watching is normally done outdoors.One has to go in search of the birds in the open. Hamshpere can be normally enjoyed indoors. One need not go outdoors to go in search of stations. But nobody can stop you if you go out and operate your laptop or maybe even an iphone.

Bird watching requires loads of patience. The same holds true in Hamsphere too. Sometimes one has to wait for hours for a bird of your choice to land somewhere within watching distance. In Hamsphere, one has to wait for one’ s turn to make contact with a new operator.One must follow proper protocol.Otherwise there will be Doubling and Pile ups.The new operator may feel frightened and move away or he may not answer any call. Birds also do the same. One has to use camouflage to come close to watch a bird. If one doesn’t know the rules of stalking, one may lose the bird. The bird may fly away.

So, be patient, learn proper protocol, listen to other experianced operators. That’s the way to catch new stations. the same way you watch the birds. Happy Birding…I mean Dxing.

73 from 57HS797

Tilroy Fernandes 





I  am back again from a short hibernation. It’ s Carnival time in Goa. From 9th to the 12th of February, 2013, Goa will  rock with colourful float parades in major towns like Panaji, Margao, Vasco and Mapuca. Besides there will be dances, musical shows, and lots of other entertainment programs to keep everryone busy and entertained. 

Goa is the only place in India where Carnival is being celebrated on such a scale. The floats are being sponsored by the Goa Tourism Department. This Carnival is a legacy of the Portuguese who were ruling Goa from 1510 to 1961—- almost 450 years. I have made a special QSL card as a token of acknowledgement to operators who contact my station during these festive days.