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Welcome to my blog.

It’s been almost 8 months since I stumbled upon this wonderful program. And since then, I have never looked back. It’s a very interesting  program for those of us who are not Radio Amateurs. Through this program, one can rub shoulders with some of the most seasoned operators from all parts of the world. and maybe, in the not so distant future, I may also apply for a licence to operate real transceivers.

I have been fortunate to make contact with 116 countries till date. And collect about 1000 beautiful QSL cards. In fact, collecting these cards itself is an exciting part of the hobby. I have learnt many things through this hobby. Communication skills,group discussion skills, language skills, better human relations, and the list goes on.

The operators on Hamsphere happen to be decent guys. One cannot afford to be indecent and rude. If you do that, the Admins. posted on the bands  can admonish the bad guys and keep them in check. An excellent system of governing the frequencies, indeed. 

I have learnt to make some nice QSL cards by using free image editing software which was suggested by my Hampshere friends. More of that in my forthcoming blogs.

I would like bring the reader the best of India. We have a long history, a beautiful geography,colourful culture, melodious musical heritage, a mouth watering cuisine……and the list goes on.

Bye for now

73 from Tilroy


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